Although our computers are in Monroe County, PA, The Forwardian Arts Society is a world wide fellowship
welcoming everyone who wishes to become a part of it no matter where they are or what
their life’s condition may be. Never let anything become a barrier between you and your love for the arts.
The Forwardian Arts Society would like to wish Happy Birthday to:

Arline M. Smeltz (Paul’s mother-August 1st)
Thomas Busteed (Paul’s nephew-August 2nd)
Linnae Cintron (August 3rd)
Cheryl Read (August 14th)
Leigh Ann Stratakos (August 21st)
Danny Grae (August 31st)
Theresa Triano (September 2nd)
Patty Grego (September 3rd)
Donald Busteed (Paul’s Brother in Law) and Heather T.
(both born on September 5th)
Karen Elise Wormack (September 6th)
Uncle Pete Taney (September 9th)
Christopher McCabe and Maeve (Bonnie Elizabeth) Schneider
(both born on September 17th)
Darcy Kennedy (September 18th)
Amanda Leadem (September 21st)
Katie McMahon (September 25th)
Elizabeth Kobe (September 27th)
Ursula Pooley (September 29th)
Christine Rex (September 30th)

Please Share with us the month and date of your birthday so we can help you celebrate it.
And no, you don’t have to reveal your age by supplying us with the year.

The Forwardian Arts Society Welcomes

Donald Dal Maso of L’Archet Concert Group

And everyone who would like to be a part of our fellowship.
Feel free to invite your friends.

New Passionate Art Lovers

Well, How about you?

Check out all the cool stuff you get if you do.

Total Members 700

And, All of your friends who would like to join.
Please invite them.

Do you have some good news to share?
An upcoming performance or exhibition you're a part of?
A competition you have won?
How about an upcoming birthday?
Well, we would like to hear about it.
Please share your news with us
as we would like to learn more about you.
Tim Helman*** who was selected the winner of the 2014 poster competition for the 37th Annual Celebration of
the Arts (COTA) Festival*** to be held in Delaware Water Gap, PA
September 5th - 7th.  Please explore The
Celebration of the Arts Facebook page to share your congratulatory sentiments.
Please feel free to share with us.